Curbside Service

The Mechanicsburg Public Library will still be offering Curbside Service while open. Hours will be 11 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday.

To request items, you can:

  • Log into your online account
  • Call the library at (937) 834-2004
  • Email:

Patrons can request specific items, or a particular author and we will do what we can to meet the request. Please have your library card number handy.  Requested items can be picked up by giving us a call and we will deliver the materials in the patron's trunk. 

Staff are wearing masks, wiping surfaces, and washing hands frequently. Please be patient with us as we all navigate this new normal.

Book drop is open 24/7. Any items that are returned will be quarantined. Therefore, items will not come off your account for a few days, do not be concerned. Items that are still on your account that have been checked out before the pandemic have been renewed to 7/13/2020.

We look forward to being able to serve the community in whatever way we can, as safely as possible.