Mechanicsburg Recommends

Have you ever wondered what your neighbors are reading?  Those that borrowed books from the Mechanicsburg Public Library last year read Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney the most.  This book was borrowed last year more than any other book in our collection.  Our most circulated adult fiction books, they tied, were Off the Grid by C.J.

PAWS for Reading

Our PAWS for Reading program is a partnership of reading and animal-assisted therapy teams.  It offers young readers a place and time to read aloud to therapy animals.  Children who have hated reading find that it can be fun with listeners who are uncritical reading partners.  Practicing literacy skills with their listening animals provides a comfortable, non-threatening environment for children who are nervous and self-conscious about reading aloud.   Trained therapy animals make great listeners who help children gain confidence about their reading and improve their reading skills.  Readin


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