Summer Reading

Summer Reading is celebrated at the Mechanicsburg Public Library for all ages. Look for fun things to do throughout the Library all summer beginning in June and ending in August.  For more information, visit us at 60 South Main Street, Mechanicsburg, Ohio or call 937-834-2004.

Let's BUILD A BETTER WORLD Together!!!

     This summer at the Mechanicsburg Public Library we will learn and explore fun ways we can make the world a better place.  From creative ways to recycle common household items to the technology of the future, there is always a way to Build A Better World!!!

Digital Images

Drop into the Mechanicsburg Public Library during open hours and view our digital image collection.  Explore more than 30,000 images of local interest.  See what we already have on the people, businesses, churches, organizations, events, and locations in the Mechanicsburg area.  Take a trip down memory lane or discover new things about this rich history through images provided by current and previous residents that already span more than 150 years of local history.


Mechanicsburg Public Library
60 South Main Street
Mechanicsburg, Ohio 43044
(937) 834-2004

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